Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators - Home Elevators

If you’re in the plan of buying a new elevator for your home, Nishidha Elevators has a wide range of drive systems for you to choose from. Our residential elevators are designed with your comfort in mind and promise a smooth, reliable, and quiet ride between the floors of your new home.

Home Elevators Types :

The two most common types of residential elevators are traction (electric) and hydraulic. Though both drive systems offer reliable, smooth elevator service, they do not operate in the same way. Either option is a great choice, but the best one for your home ultimately comes down to your available space and what you’re looking for in a home elevator. 

Home Lifts (Ideal for existing homes):

When climbing stairs becomes difficult and unsafe, Nishidha Elevator’s innovative line of Home Lifts can provide you with several options that allow you to continue living in the home that you love. Our popular range of Home Lifts are practical, cost-effective, and a good alternative to traditional stairlifts or home elevators.  from small shaft-lass lift to wheelchair lift for accessibility in your home.

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